5 Best Camera For Wildlife Photography (2024) With Price

A Craze Of Wildlife Photography Is Increasing Day By Day .This Type Of Photography Is Really Awesome The Capturing of Animal In Different Pose , Capturing Every Moment , Seeing Him alone It are Very Interesting . Due To This The Wildlife Photography Is Becomming popular.

best camera for wildlie photography

In this Post I Suggest You Best Camera For Wildlife Photography In India  With His Current Price And Also Tell You About His Features Which Help You Choose Best Camera From My Given List.

A Good Camera And Lenses Play A Important Role In Wildlife PhotographyBecause We Capture The Photo Of Animal From long Distance Because Some Animals Is Danger For Us ,So Lenses Is Important In Wildlife Photography.

Best Camera For Wildlife Photography

When We Talk About  Wildlife Photography Then The First Things Which Comes In Our Mind is Lenses Because Lens Are Very Important For Wildlife Photography , in Wildlife Photography We Always Capture The Images Of Wild Animal From Far A Way So The Main Things Is Lens In Wildlife Photography, Best Camera For Wildlife Photography are :

  1. Canon EOS 80D. – Canon  EOS 80D Is Best Entery Level Dslr Camera For Wildlife Photographer. If You Have A Low Budget and You want To start photography So Canon EOS 80D Is Best Dslr Camera For You.
  2. Nikon D500. –  This Is  Special created For Wildlife Photography. And Every Experiances Wildlife Photographer Suggest This Camera. So If You Want To Become A Proefessional Wildlife Photographer So Nikon 500D Is For You. But The Price Of Nikon D500 Is High Compare to Other Dslr Camera’s .  Body Price Of Nikon 500d is 1,20,000+ ,This Price Is Without any Lenses.
  3. Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless. – It is A Professional High Qaulity Mirrorless camera . Sony Alpha capture Amazing Images You Can See The Sample Images Below In Details Version of This Article.
  4. Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR. – Canon 1Dx Is A Heavy Camera And it Is Also A High , The Current Price Of This Camera Is $5999 With 200-400 mm Lense.
  5. Nikon D7200 DX. – If You are Newbie In Wildlife Photo So This camera Is Best For Your and The Price Is Also Less Of This Camera. I Always Suggest This Camera To New Wildlife Photographer You Can Buy It in RS 90,000 From Online.

Below We Given The List of Camera In Table Format For Better understanding.

Sr. No

Camera Models

Price  (In Dollar)


Canon EOS 80D

1243.15 $


Nikon D500

1768.04 $


Sony Alpha A7 SLR

1381.28 $


Canon 1dx Mark II Dslr

5525.13 $


Nikon D7200

1270.78 $

Top 5 Best Dslr Cameras Under 50000 In 2021 For Beginners

Now We Know In Details Of All Above Camera

Canon EOS 80D


Buy Now

1. Battery Life Is Excellent
2. Focus Is Super fast
3. Weather-sealed body gives you confidence to shoot during rains and wet conditions.
4. Great choice of lenses(any Canon camera would have this advantage)
5. Excellent from-camera JPEG images(which most Nikon users feel is a disadvantage for them and often prefer post-processing)
6. Good shutter speed

7. Amazing live-view for shooting and focusing( This is where it does better than Nikon cameras. Video mode has Dual-pixel CMOS technology for focusing. So gives you cinematic effect)
8. Touch-screen gives you better control during focusing if you are using Live-view(for both stills and videos) and also helps you to navigate through menus and images faster and review the images in a faster way
9. Kit lens has good zoom range of 18-135 mm (which most of the other same priced also provide)
10. Inclusion of time-lapse feature is boon for many enthusiasts and travel photographers
11. Full articulated screen has helped me many times during hand-held shots of macros, landscapes and portraits.

Sample Image Of Canon EOS 80D


1. Poor low-light performance compared to different same priced DSLRs
2. Kit lens zoom vary is nice however not like different Canon cameras you do not get kit lens with zoom upto 250mm. this can be a drawback for wildlife/bird photographers.
3. Dynamic vary is poor. uncountable details lost once shooting pictures with bright highlights and dark shadows.Although camera has in-build HDR mode, the standard and sharpness of the image is extremely poor. My Nikon 5500 performs far better. it’s smart Dxo Mark rating for HDR
4. Image quality detirorates chop-chop once ISO2500. this can be wherever Nikon D5500 performs far better.
5. RAW Image quality is poor compared to my Nikon D5500 and lesser details.

Nikon D500


Price – /Rs 1,27,000 Only Body

Buy Nikon D500


  • Slim line, trendy and simple to use
  • Multi-cam 20k optical device detector with 153/99 af points
  • Iso vary of 100-51,200 expandable to lo one and hi five (50 – one,640,000 equivalent)
  • Share pictures instantly with intrinsic snap bridge (wi-fi + bluetooth) capabilities
  • Scene automobile selector with that the user would like merely purpose the camera at the supposed
  • subject and therefore the camera mechanically applies the optimum scene mode
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Sample Images Of Nikon 500D

Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless

Price – $1598/Rs 1,16200

Buy Now


LENS COMPATIBILITY – Sony E-mount lenses

SENSOR kind – 35Mm

SENSOR – 35 mm full-frame (35.8 x 23.9 mm) Exmor® CMOS detector




VIEWFINDER TYPE0.5-type electronic optical device (colour)

MONITOR kind – three.0-type TFT alphanumeric display.

Sample Images Of Sony Alpha


Canon EOS-1DX Mark III DSLRBuy Now

Key Features

  • 20.2MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Dual DIGIC 6+ Image Processors
  • 3.2″ 1.62m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor
  • DCI 4K Video at 60 fps, 8.8MP Still Grab

Sample Images Of Canon 1DX Mark

sample images of canon 80d
Image Source – Amazon.in

Desription Overview

  • Fastest shooting EOS-1D, capable of up to fourteen independent agency full-resolution RAW or JPEG,
  • Up to sixteen independent agency in Live read mode with new twin DIGIC 6+ Image Processors
    Achieves a most burst rate of up to a hundred and seventy raws in continuous shooting at up to sixteen independent agency,
  • 4K movies mistreatment CFast cards within the new CFast two slot
    Improved AF performance through 61-point, wide space AF system with forty one cross-type points,
  • Improved center purpose focusing sensitivity to -3 work unit and compatibility all the way down to f/8
  • Turn your Canon camera into a high-quality webcam:
  • Use the Eos Utility digital camera package (Mac and Windows) to show your Canon camera into a high-quality digital camera,
  • Do constant employing a clean HDMI output.

Nikon D7200 24.2 Mp

nikon 7200d

Key Features

Sensor – Sensor is APS-C frames_per_second And Sensor Type Is CMOS

Resolution – 24.2 MegaPixel.

ISO Range – The Range Of ISO Is 100 To 25600.

Video – Video Capture In 1080 p And Viewfinder Type Is Optical.

How To Use Dslr Camera | Nikon And Canon


  • Optical view finder with approx one hundred pc frame coverage for increased clarity and visibility
  • Unlimited continuous shooting for making just about seamless light-trail
  • Long battery life, Lens mount: Nikon F mount, (with AF coupling and AF contacts)
  • MB-D15 multi-power battery pack (optional)
  • The power to stay shooting – range of shots hyperbolic to one hundred (JPEG fine/Large) at six FPS in continuous shooting
  • Included Components:AF-S 18-140mm VR Kit Lens, 16GB Card and Camera Bag
  • Eye-level pentaprism single-lens reflex view finder
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Buy Now Nikon 7200D

Best Camera For Wildlife Photography In India

Here I Suggest You Best Camera For Wildlife Photographers Which You Get In Between 50000 To 1 Lakh. All Camera Is Perfect With His Brand Lens. Best Camera For Wildlife Photography In India :

  • Canon EOS 80D
  • Nikon Coolpix p1000
  • Nikon D7500
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7 
  • Canon EOS 800D

If You Want a Low Budget Dslr Camera So Canon 100D and Nikon 3500D Is Best Camera For You. And Before Buying Camera You Need To Follow Our Tips

In Wildlie Photography Camera Is Only Not Enough  But the quality and reach of your lens is the most important for wildlife photography.

Three important factors of wildlife photography are given below

1. Skills And Attitude of a wildlife photographer.

2. Telephoto lens 500mm / 600mm F4 or at least 70-200 F2.8 / F4 – If budget is a constraint, buy a good zoom lens. Prime lenses are the fastest for wildlife photography. Here you have to do some serious research to find the best lens for you.

3. A full frame / top-end APSC camera

Best Camera For Wildlife Photography Under 50000

Now We Know About Best Camera For Wildlife Photography under 50,000 :

  • Nikon D5600 . Price Is Rs50,000 With Lens(18-55mm) and Carry Bag, Buying links are Given Below.
  • Canon EOS 1500D . Rs 41,500 With 2 Lenses 18-55 mm And 70-250 mm Lens.
  • Sony Alpha Digital SLR . Rs 38,500 With 18-55 Mm Lens And Free Bag.
  • Fujifilm X-t200 . Rs 35,990 With 15-45 mm Lens Kit. it is best camera for vlogging.
  • Nikon D3500 . Rs 44,990 With 18-55 Kit Lens.



Buy Nikon D5600

Buy Canon EOS 1500D

Buy Sony Alpha Digital SLR

Buy Fujifilm X-t200

Buy Nikon D3500


So Friends This Was The List Of Top 5 Best camera for wildlife photography under 50000. I Want To Tell You One Important Things That For Wildlife Or Any Other Type Of Photography The Main Equipment of camera is Lens. A Best lens Capture Perfect shot not matter which is the camera. So You Can Buy Any Camera From Them With High-Fi Lens. It Will Be Good And Cheapest For You.

Wildlife Photography Tips For beginners

Suppose you are a beginner and have not mastered DSLR photography settings and techniques; Here is my suggestion:

1. Go for entry level DSLR. Either Canon or Nikon will work. I have always used Nikon .

2. Buy two kit lenses that come with the camera, as you will get a lot of discount if you buy them as kit lenses. Canon normally offers 18–55 mm and 55–250 mm lenses. Make sure the lenses are IS lenses (support image stabilization). Nikon will also have the same range and image stabilization. I would not recommend buying a 17–105mm or 17–200mm kit lens (thinking that one lens would cover the range if the two lenses are described above) because this lens would be heavier. You can use 18-55mm as your every lens for landscape, street photography and more. You can replace it with a 55-250mm lens when you want to shoot wildlife, close ups, portraits, etc. (This is not a macro lens, but will meet your requirement. And helps you learn).
You have specified your interests as nature, wildlife and landscape photography –

3. For landscape / nature – use 1855mm lens near the 18mm end. This will give you good landscape shots. There is a tripod to capture sunset / low light shots. You can also buy ultra wide lenses but it may come later.
4. Wildlife and alao photography for flowers, insects, etc. where you will need close up shots; Use a 55–250 mm lens. This will allow you to zoom without going too close and will separate your subject from the background nicely. Make sure that you are focusing on the subject properly.
5. Apart from this you can also try street photography, portraits, events and find out if you like them or not.
So two lenses are mentioned with your entry level camera kit; You can cover a wide range of photography types and situations without investing too much. Learn with kit lens and master the camera. Then depending on what interests you and how much you want to invest; You can expand your lens portfolio and upgrade the DSLR gradually as well.

Wildlife covers a wide range from small birds to giant mammals. In general, wildlife requires long telephoto or telephoto zomes. Canon and Nikon have substantial collections among their brands as well as third party lenses. They are very expensive and somewhat challenging to use. If you have a market, they can eventually pay for themselves. However, as an enthusiast, you would be better off buying a super-zoom bridge camera.shot of 80d canon

9 Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography

  • Read your subject. its accommodation and behavior, if you can, beforehand.
  • Observation. – visual and aural – The place of residence and its inhabitants should talk to you.
  • Know your gear. A camera and lens are not God together and every gear has its own limitations.
  • Do not refuse to consider the subject as a safe place. The safety and well-being of the subject is more important than the picture you took or failed to take.
  • Light. Light and light. Good light = a better picture. Try to understand the light at different times of the day, in / out of a closed canopy in the open, along the seaside and in snow and in different seasons.
    Take rest If you miss a shot the sky does not fall. There will always be another opportunity.
  • Be patient A good picture is possible, if you are patient. A great photo will bear the weight of patience.
    Enjoy what you are doing. Stop the moment photography becomes a chore.
  • Be considerate of fellow photographers. Do not hog a site / position. Keep calm and give chance to others.
  • Always remember a large lens and an expensive camera may not make you a better photographer. You take the picture, not the gear. Work in the direction of proper technique. Basics – Study aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity, sensor size / film type. Try to understand the basics of optics.
  • Do not rely on post processing to help. A good image can be rendered better by proper post-processing. A badly shot image – well a badly made image.


Overall All The Camera Is Best , It Is Depend On You Which You Can Buy. Select A Best Dslr On Your Budget , Skill and Type Of Photography Price and other detail are given in this post. and at the last share this article if you found helpfull.

In This Article We Know Which Is Best Dslr For Wildlife Photographer and Also Covered Camera Features and other decriptions of camera.

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