Chauri Chaura In India Map | Where Is Chauri Chaura On India Map

In This Article I Show Where Is Chauri Chaura On India Map

Chauri Chaura In India Map

Chauri Chaura is Situated In Gorakhpur uttar pradesh It is 30 Km Far From Gorakhpur City , You Can See Exact Location Of Chauri Chaura In Below Image And Scroll To View In Detail

Where is chauri chaura on india map

Hello Friends , Chauri Chauri Is Historical Place Of Gorakhpur .It is also famous for Chauri Chauri Incident in 1992 . A large number of peaple who participate in Mahatma Gandhi’s Non Cooperation Movement clashed police station With Opend Fire And Because Of This Mahatma Gandhi Stopped Non Cooperation. Chauri Chaura Is A Small City Of Gorakhpur.  So Today In This article We Know Unknown Fact About Chauri Chaura So Lets Get Started.

What Is Chauri Chaura Incident?

Chauri Chaura Incident Happen On 4 Febraury 1922 ,When India Was Under British Rule ,In This Incident The Peaple Of Chauri Chaura Clashed Police Station With Fire And killed 22 police Man In This Incident.

Chauri Chaura Incident Is So Important Because At This Time (When Peale Burn Police Station ) Mahatma Gandhi Running Non-Cooperation Movement. After This Kand (Incident) Mahatma Gandhi Call off Non-Cooperation Movement.

What Is Non-Cooperation Movement?

Non-Cooperation Movement is A Movement Which is Runned By Mahatma Ganshi In Which They Fight For His Freedom Piece Fully Without Any Voilence. It unfolded From 1920 To 1922 and marked a departure from the earlier moderate methods of seeking constitutional reforms.

One of the Majar events Happen before the Non-Cooperation Movement was the Jallianwala Bagh Kand in 1919, In Which British  killed hundreds of Innocent Indian civilians in Amritsar. This  Bad incident fueled widespread anger and resentment, providing a catalyst for the movement.

Important Point 

  • 22 Police man Died In Fire,
  • 3 Civilian Peaple Also Died In This Incident.
  • The Peaples Are Doing Peacefully Satyagrah in Chauri Chaura But Police Interfare in this Satyagrah as a result fight started bewtween police and public.
  • Sant Bax Singh Was a leader of Leader Of That Satyagrah of Chauri Chaura.
  • British Govt. Give Punishment of Death To 114 Revolutionary But Baba Raghwa Das Oppose This Decision Of British Government And Challenge Him Into Coart So Baba Raghaw das tryed. Therefore, Britisher Release 95 Revolutionies.
  • 19 Indian Revolutionaries Got Death Punishment .

Above all Important Point Given

Where Is Chauri Chaura On Indian Map

Chaura Chaura Is a Small City Of Uttar Pradesh in Gorakhpur District You Can See The Exact Location Of Chauri Chaura On Map. This Is Also Important For Class 10 Board Student. Because Previous Year Ask This On Map Locating.

where is chauri chaura located on india map

Chauri Chaura is a City located in the Gorakhpur district of purvanchal Uttar Pradesh . It is Present in the eastern part of the up, close to the border with Bihar. Gorakhpur, one of the major cities in Uttar Pradesh, is the nearest significant urban center to Chauri Chaura. This town has many historical significance due to the Chauri Chaura incident that Happend during the Non-Cooperation Movement  operated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920.

If you’re looking for the specific location on the map, you can find Chauri Chaura in the northern part of India, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur is a major city in the Historic Event, and Chauri Chaura is situated to the southwest of Gorakhpur. To get more precise information, you can use online maps like Google Maps or other mapping services.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ )

Chauri Chaura Incident Happen In Which Year?

Ans. Chauri Chaura Incident happened on 4 february 1922.

Who Is The Leader Of Chauri Chaura Incident?

Ans. Mahtma Gandhi. But

The leader at the forefront of the Chauri Chaura incident was not one individual, but the collective spirit of the brave men and women who found themselves at the crossroads of history. Their leader was an idea—an idea of freedom, justice, and the unyielding pursuit of a better tomorrow.

How many Police Killed In Chauri Chaura Kand?

Ans. 22 Police man killed in chauri chauri incident.

Why Is Chauri Chaura Kand(Incident) Is Important?

When Chauri Chaura Kand Happened Mahtma Gandhi Call Off Non-Cooperation Movement. So Chauri Chauri Kand is so important.

Best Place In Chauri Chaura For Tourist

  1. Tarkulahi Mata Mandir – This Temple Is Related To Our Independence ,Here Previous Time ,Revolutionary Veer Bandhu Singh  Offer British head In past times , Its is Best Place In Hindu Religius here Your Wishes Completed tarkulahi Mata Fullill Your Desire ,According To Local peaples. This Is A Best Place For Tourist .
  2. Sahid Bandhu Singh Smarak – Badhu Singh Is A Revolutionary(Freedom Fighter) of India Who Fight To British Raj For Independance. His sacrifice is like a silent hymn,  through the corridors of time, a poignant reminder of the selflessness that defined an era. In the face of adversity, Bandhu Singh stood resolute, a beacon of courage against the tempest of colonial British oppressions.

bandhu singh samarak


Some Persons Of  Chauri Chaura

Below We Given The List Of Some Chauri Chaura Peaple Who Helps You To Explore Chauri Chaura.

  1. Vikas Jaiswal (Sarkar)


He Is A Famous and highlighted person from Chauri Chaura ,Vikas Completd His Study From GPS Inter Collage Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur  And Currently he Is Living In Chauri Chaura. He Have 9.6k Followers On Facebook . and He joined Year to Facebook Is 2015 If You Want To Join His Whatsapp Group Click Here

Facebook Id – Vikas Sarkar

Instagram id – sArkAr0888

Whatsapp no. 88588 81116

2. Dileep Raj


Facebook id –Dilip Raj

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3. JaiHind Yadav (Badshah Ahir)

Facebook id – JaiHind FB

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4. Akhiles Upadhyay


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5. Sangam Jaiswal (Gabbar )

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6. Sudeep Kumar 

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7. Heeralal

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8. Vikas Raj

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9. Baiju Patel 


facebook Id – Baijju Patel

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In The Last

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